Who Are You? A Churchian Or A Christian?

The Churches today are filled with many persons. People who attend church services may find themselves in many categories. But this tract will focus on two of the many categories: Churchians (mere churchgoers) and Christians (true followers of Jesus the Christ).

This word 'Churchian' may be strange to you. A Churchian is simply someone who attends worship services but does not know the Lord or does not have any commitment to the Lord. He/she can be someone who has received baptism and has been confirmed in a local congregation. He/she has his/her name written in the church's membership book. This person knows only the form of Christianity and does not have that personal experience with Jesus the Christ. Mind you, a Churchian may be the tithe-giver, good contributor to the programs and projects of the church. He/she may be familiar with every aspect of Christianity yet so far away from Christ Jesus the foundation of Christianity. A Churchian is not fully involved with the spiritual life of the Church. He/she is not too concerned about the spiritual matters rather the physical growth of the Church. Such person comes to the Church for several reasons:

    Meet up with an appointment with a friend.
   When death occurs, that the casket of the person be brought to       the Church.
    Get from the Chruch.
    Think that the Church is a social gathering.
   Just to allow the day to pass.

A Churchian is a person who is easily offended when the true and uncompromising Gospel of Jesus the Christ is preached. This person is also legalistic.

A Christian is a true follower of Jesus the Christ. A person who has wholeheartedly confessed Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Sacior (Romans 10:9) and is having a daily walk with Christ. A Christian is someone who has been born twice (the physical birth through a woman; and the spiritual birth through the Holy Spirit - St. John 3:3-5). A Christian is someone whose body, soul and spirit are connected to Christ, He/she is transformed, regenerated, Christ-centered and Holy Ghost-filled (Ephesians 5:18).

The nucleus of the person's life is Jesus. A Christian is also a baptized and a confirmed member of a local congregation, but what makes him/her different is the person's daily walk with the Lord.

The Christian is always eager to learn and live by more spiritual truths. He/she allows Jesus to be in charge of his or her life. He/she finds strength in Christ; set a good example; a student of the Word; a person of prayer; knows God's agenda.

Are you a Churchian or a Christian ? Are you a mere Churchgoer or a true child of Jesus Christ ?

To attend a church is good. But church attendance without knowing the Lord is dangerous-it does not guarantee you eternal life. The church will bury and do all the funeral arrangements. This is not all to life.

God is calling you to graduate from being a mere church attendant now. He wants you to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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